Gloucester County (NJ) Historical Society (GCHS)

Library Usage Policies

Revised by the Gloucester County Historical Board of Trustees

Policies regarding use of the library and its collections, while similar to those of other archival repositories, do differ from

the policies of school libraries and general public libraries. This is due to the specialized nature and often unique

character of the library material at GCHS, and because of our responsibility in preserving these historic materials. Our

intent is not only to make these materials available to current researchers, but also to preserve them for the historical

record and for the use of future researchers.

Copying and Publishing Policies

While some library materials may be photocopied, many others cannot, either because of potential for damage or some

other restriction, such as copyright infringement. Items will be photocopied only according to “fair use” provisions of the

U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).

  • GCHS reserves the right to limit or deny the photographing or photocopying of materials in our

Collection for conservation, preservation and/or privacy reasons. Entire books, files or

manuscripts will not be copied. Fragile and/or unique items and items exclusive to GCHS will

not be copied, photographed or digitally reproduced. GCHS maintains proprietary control or

rights over these items.

  • Under specific circumstances under Title 17 (the copyright law) of the United States Code,

libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy. These photocopies are “not to be

used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research.” Copyright is not

conveyed with photocopies, photographs or digital images.

  • For any documents or images still under copyright and the copyright is not held by GCHS, the

requestor must seek permission from the creator of the work or from the current copyright holder.

GCHS reserves the right to deny requests for photocopying.

  • GCHS assumes no responsibility for any literary property right or copyright which may be

involved; it is entirely incumbent upon the reader to obtain those special permissions.

  • For extensive quotation from manuscripts, written permission must be obtained from library staff

before publication.

  • For GCHS publications or materials copyrighted by GCHS, permission to publish these materials

from the library’s collections must be obtained from library staff. A reproduction fee may be

charged and a credit line “Courtesy of the Gloucester County Historical Society” will be required.

  • Researchers are not permitted to take photographs or make photocopies of any materials.

Photo duplication services and digital imaging will be performed for a

fee only by GCHS staff subject to copyright restrictions. Please inquire at

the reference desk.

Permission to photograph is given only for research purposes. GCHS

does not grant permission to publish or publically distribute any patroncaptured


Researchers may not allow other parties to reproduce photographs or

other images obtained at or created by GCHS.

  • The GCHS is the primary public repository for some original Gloucester County documents.

Microfilmed copies of these documents are available for viewing by the public on GCHS

premises upon request.