Lucy Hugg SamplerLucy Hugg was 10 years old when she wrought her sampler in 1806

Her family owned Hugg’s Tavern in Gloucester City, NJ. The fireplace of the tavern, in front of which it is said  Betsy was married,  is now housed in our Hunter-Lawrence-Jessup House Museum. Lucy married Charles Hopkins, and Charles is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Haddon for whom Haddonfield, New Jersey was named.

Today, this sampler is listed in Bolton & Coe’s American Samplers.  The adaptation chart may be purchased for $10 (plus $1.25 for shipping & handling) of this charmingly quaint antique sampler.

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To order off-line, please mail your check to GCHS, 17 Hunter St., Woodbury, NJ 08096-4605 or to charge with Visa or MasterCard, please call 856-845-4771.   Proceeds from the sale are excursively utilized to assist in restoration and preservation of the Society’s Sampler Collection of 50+ samplers for future generations.

A second sampler from the Collection, Elizabeth Smith Marsh’s 1830 sampler, presently being charted.  This is of Elizabeth Smith Marsh’s 1830 sampler.    If interested in a privately scheduled tour of the Collection, please contact the Society at 856-848-    8531 and arrangements will be made.