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    What is the Mission Statement of the Society?

    To acquire and preserve documents, records and artifacts primarily of Gloucester County, Southern New Jersey and the Delaware Valley; to make all information and acquisitions available to the general public through our Library and Museum.

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    I would like to visit the Society. What is the admission cost?

    Members are always free!  Non-member admission fees for the Museum are $5.00 per adult, $1.00 per child ages 6-18 years and free for children under age 6.  Library admission for non-members is $5.00.  Children are free but must be accompanied by an adult.

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    How can I join and what is the cost?

    Memberships may be purchased online or in person.  An annual single membership is $30, family membership $40, student (under 18 with ID) $10, business $100 and life membership is $500.  Members may purchase an annual database subscription for an additional $15.

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    What are the benefits of membership?

    Members receive our quarterly newsletter, unlimited free visits to both our Library and Museum, free or reduced-price admission to most of our programs and trips and reduced prices on our database subscription, in-library photocopies and mail-in research form.

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    I am not interested in joining as a member at this time. Can I still purchase a database subscription?

    Yes, a short-term subscription for three months is available.  The cost is $20 You can register and select the membership of your choice. If you already a member, login and update your account.

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    What is included in the subscription databases?

    We have tried to include a variety of records in different categories and locations. While the databases are not all-inclusive, you will find death notices and marriages up to 1939 from the daily and weekly newspapers in Gloucester County, Salem County, Cumberland County and Camden County.  Additional marriages are available up to 1999 from the same sources.  Tombstone inscriptions from Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties are included.  Burlington County vital statistics and church records, mostly 20th century, from the collection of genealogist Elma Eckert are available.

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    I am interested in volunteering or interning. How do I go about it?

    Both the library and museum run on volunteer time and welcome volunteers and unpaid interns.   Volunteers are also needed for general Society duties such as grounds work and fundraising.   Please contact the library at library@gchsnj.org or (856) 845-4771 or the museum at collectionscoordinator@gchsnj.org or (856) 848-8571 for more information and to set up an appointment for a site visit and interview.

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    Does the Society accept donations of documents and/or artifacts?

    All of the items in our collections have been received through donations.  We accept donations that fall within the parameters of our mission statement and are not duplicated within our collections.  Please contact the library at library@gchsnj.org or the Museum at collectionscoordinator@gchsnj.org.

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    Help! I would like to begin researching my family tree but don’t know how to begin. Can the Library help me?

    Yes, that is our purpose!  Our staff and volunteers are glad to assist you with an overview of our Library resources, advice on how to begin and assistance along the way.  We also occasionally offer genealogy workshops for beginners.

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    I would like to obtain information about my ancestors but am unable to visit the library. Can the library help me?

    Yes, we are able to undertake a custom search, for a fee, based on information provided by you on one of our research forms

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    Does the Society have artifacts and documents pertaining only to Gloucester County?

    While our focus is primarily Gloucester County, we also have artifacts and documents in our collections pertaining to all of southern New Jersey as well as Philadelphia.

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    I would like to plan my visit to the Library by knowing what resources are available.

    On our website under “Library”  section, we have numerous finding aids that will help you decide how to focus your research.

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    I am looking for specific historic documents generated by the County of Gloucester. Are they available and where can I access them?

    Our library is the official repository for the Gloucester County Documents Collection.  We have both original records, transcriptions and microfilm versions of records.  Some record groups are indexed.

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    Can a private tour of the current Museum exhibit be arranged for my group or organization?

    Yes, we are glad to accommodate larger groups by appointment.  Please contact the Museum Coordinator at museumcoordinator@gchsnj.org or (856) 848-8531.

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    I am interested in a presentation on an historical or genealogical topic for a group at my site.

    We have a number of Power Point Presentations on a variety of topics available.  Please contact the Education Chairperson at library@gchsnj.org or (856) 845-4771.

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    What other kinds of programs and trips do you offer?

    We have programs and trips throughout the year.  Some are educational and some are just for fun!  These are advertised in our quarterly newsletter, local newspapers and on this website (link).

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    Does the Museum have changing exhibits?

    Yes, the Museum has static exhibits and also changing exhibits.  Past changing exhibits have included something for everyone:   wedding dresses, Civil War, World War I and World II, samplers, sports, quilts, Gloucester Abbey (based on the popular PBS series, Downton Abbey)  and Boy and Girl Scouts.  Our knowledgeable Museum staff and docents are glad to escort you through a guided tour and answer any questions you may have.

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    I am looking for one of your publications that is no longer in print. Are they available anyplace?

    Some of our out-of-print publications may be purchased as a download.